Senior Dues

On Friday, March 12th, you can drop off your Senior Dues from 9:00 - 11:00 am. Please make sure that the senior dues is in an envelop with your child's name and class. The deadline for Senior Dues has been extended to Friday, March 19th.

Senior dues are $125.00.

Additionally, our PTA will be collecting the Senior Dues through PayPal: Please include your child’s name & Class.

Please note that once you paid your dues, fill out the Google Form below to reflect the size of your senior t-shirt and gown for graduation.

Senior Dues include the following items:

1.McKinley Yearbook

2.Award at Graduation

3.Graduation Gowns

4.Printing of Diplomas

5.Diploma Case

6.Seals for Diplomas

7.McKinley Senior T-Shirt

8.McKinley Senior Bag