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J. Geary, Principal

D. Nastasi, A.P. Grade 8, Room 420

E. Urena, A.P. Assessment, Room 415

A. DeBenedetto, A.P. Administrative, Room 320

V. Iacovano, A.P. Grade 6, Room 142

P. Parrella, A.P. Grade 7, Room 240

A Proud Community School!

"Community schools offer an integrated focus on academics, health and wellness services, youth development, expanded learning opportunities like after-school and summer enrichment activities, and family and community supports to ensure that students are ready and able to learn, to graduate college, and to be career-ready. Each community school serves as a hub where parents/guardians and family members, community-based partners, community members, and school staff come together to coordinate and integrate a range of supports based on the assets and needs of individual students"

As a community school, we have a partnership with Creative Connections. Creative Connections NYC is a youth development program founded in 2005 to meet the growing need for college and career readiness in New York City public schools. Their mission is to empower students to achieve their college and career dreams.

Each of the Creative Connections programs offers a unique curriculum designed to empower students to discover their aspirations, develop their skills, and fulfill their educational and professional dreams.

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