Welcome Students!

Dress Code

School is a special place and students should be dressed accordingly to create an atmosphere that is conductive to learning.  No tank tops and midriff shirts for boys or girls. Every student is required to wear a McKinley athletic t-shirt the days they have gym. You can purchase a McKinley athletic t-shirt or any other McKinley wear by contacting our parent coordinator Diane Castignani in Room 220. 

The following items are not permitted to be worn in school: hats or headgear (except religious attire), pajamas, flip-flops, slippers or sliders, short shorts, mini-shirts, halters, crop-tops(midriff shirts), spandex (jazz pants), tank-tops, inappropriate graphic t-shirts, exposed underwear, excessively cut-up jeans

Lock Down Drill Procedures

PSA video .mp4

National Junior Honor Society Requirements. 

90 average in 4 major subjects 

Minimum grade of 85 in ALL subjects 

No N’s or U’s in conduct 

Service hour completion (12). 

School Policy for Retention in a Superintendent or Honors Class

Attendance: Minimum of 90% attendance rate

Conduct: No N’s or U’s

Grades: 85% Average with no grade lower than 85% in the 4 major subjects


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