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New Trimester Breakdowns!

First Trimester: 9/5-12/6/18

Report Cards: 12/10/18

Second Trimester: 12/7-3/22/19

Report Cards: 3/29/19

Third Trimester: 3/22-6/26/19

School Administration

J. Geary, Principal

D. Nastasi, A.P. Grade 8, Room 420

E. Urena, A.P. Assessment, Room 415

A. DeBenedetto, A.P. Administrative, Room 320

V. Iacovano, A.P. Grade 6, Room 142

P. Parrella, A.P. Grade 7, Room 240

School Policy for Retention in a Superintendent’s or Honor’s Class

Attendance: Minimum of 90% attendance rate

Conduct: No N’s or U’s

Grades: 85% Average with no grade lower than 85% in the 4 major subjects


  • Teacher contacts parent to discuss improvement strategies.
    • Midpoint Progress Report
    • Parent teacher meeting to set up a plan for success.
    • Provide tutoring in area of need
  • Offer additional supports as per individual need
    • Consultation with Guidance/Attendance/Dean/Teachers/Administration/Parents
  • Student is expected to show due diligence in their efforts to improve.
  • Removal would take place after above referenced interventions are utilized; at the end of year or sooner with parental consultation.

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