6th Grade Orientation

Here is information that was shared during the 6th grade Orientation Meeting:

* There will be a school supply list uploaded to the McKinley school website.

* Students will enter the building for 830am and dismissal is at 2pm.

* Students will be leaving from specific exits. They will be told upon entering the building which exit they will be dismissed from.

* All students will be eating lunch at the same time, not in the cafeteria. Lunch will be bought to students.

* All students can get breakfast and lunch. They can also bring their own.

* All immunizations must be up to date for entering school.

* Lunch applications will be given out to students and is available online. Please fill them out completely so our school can get federal funding.

* Busing will be available to those who need it but we are still waiting for information from the DOE. They have not as yet signed as busing contract so we don’t not know how this will go.

* We will have physical education. Children will need a McKinley shirt for this. Gym will be outside. There will be no sharing of equipment but there will be physical activity.

* If you are interested in volunteering please contact Diane Castignani at DCastignani@schools.nyc.gov. You can also contact the PTA at IS259PTA@gmail.com. We do not know how volunteering will work in this environment as yet as we are also waiting for guidance from the DOE.

* Every Student must wear a Mask.

*Temperature checks will be taken randomly. If your child has symptoms please keep them home and get them tested.

* Please notify the school if your child has tested positive for Covid-19. This information will be kept private but the school needs to be informed for safety concerns.

* There will be directional signs all over the building to show students where they can go. Certain staircase are for going up and down only.

* Blended/Hybrid learning cohorts are grouped from A-C. Remote is group D. Blended learning can choose to switch at anytime but as of now remote can not.

* Please make sure to update your NYC account as all information regarding your child and school is being sent to that account.

* All classes were granted as per requirements for all students to the best of the schools ability.

* Students will be getting ID’s but the school is still figuring out how to do that while trying to minimize children entering the building.

* No more than 10 students in a room per teacher.

* Please continue to check out the website and all our McKinley social media accounts for further information going forward. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

* Scheduling days for the cohort groups are available on the McKinley website. They will hopefully will placed there each month. Information about getting devices, pupil path, operoo(formally known as care monkey), 504 medical accommodations are also up on the McKinley site.

* At this time every child should have activated their McKinley student account. If you haven’t there was a post on how to do that on our Facebook page.

* The school is working on getting pupil path and Operoo set up for students please bare with us as we are having technical difficulties.

* Digital Literacy training for students will start in September when school starts.

* Teachers will be reaching out to their students to connect with them soon to help in the process of getting ready for the school year.

* Everyone will start remotely September 16, 2020.

We hope we were able to answer as many questions as possible. If not please email Victor Iacovano who is the AP of 6th grade with any further questions. He can be contacted at viacova@schools.nyc.gov

If you have questions about IEP’s, related services or special education you can contact Paul Parrella who is the AP of 7th grade and Special Education. His email is pparrella@schools.nyc.gov.

Activating your New Student McKinley Account.

(Only for NEW McKinley students)

***If you did not receive this in your regular inbox, please check your spam folder***

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well. We have established your child's mckinley259.org gmail account. All McKinley students have an email that is their last name, followed by the first initial of their first name, then the last 4 digits of their student ID # (OSIS) (ex. Janice Geary with Student ID 012345678 email would be gearyj5678@mckinley259.org).

Please have your child sign into gmail using their new email address following the steps below:

- go to www.gmail.com

- Click on "Sign-In"

- Complete email field: last name, first initial of first name, followed by last 4 digits of their student ID (OSIS), @mcknley259.org.

- password is your child's full 9 digit student ID # (OSIS)

Please talk to your child NOT to share their student ID number with anybody. The student ID number will be used as the password for many of their applications.

Once they sign in they should be able to find an email from info@mckinley259.org. The email has a Google Form for them to complete. Please have them complete the form so we can attain confirmation. Thank you.

Any issues please contact Diane Castignani at DCastignani@schools.nyc.gov

Wednesday 9/16-Friday 9/18:

ALL STUDENTS will sign on for Remote Learning.

More information will follow.

Monday 9/21:

--> Remote only students will continue with remote learning.

--> Blended Learning students will start coming into the building on their assigned day based on their cohort.

Group A: In person Monday 9/21 and Tuesday 9/22

Group B: In-person Wednesday 9/23 and Thursday 9/24

Group C: In-person Friday 9/25 and Tuesday 9/29

**Dates may be subject to change, pending the New York Department of Education calendar

•To choose fully remote learning for your child call 311 or fill out the form: https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreference

Technical Support for Families (including DOE issued iPads): https://www.nycenet.edu/technicalsupportforfamily

Options for students on days they are not in school buildings: https://prek4all.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_ac4kZNaIMaixbc9

Lunch Forms: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/food/school-meals

504 Medical Accommodations: https://cdn-blob-prd.azureedge.net/prd-pws/docs/default-source/default-document-library/medical-accommodations-request-form-school-year.pdf?sfvrsn=3121af0_15

Puplipath: https://pupilpath.skedula.com/

Operoo (formerly Care Monkey): https://www.operoo.com