Before & After School Activities

Before/Afterschool Activity

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these activities,

please see the teacher in charge of the specific activity

or Mr. DeBenedetto, AP Room 320.

Club/ Activity Information

6th Grade Boys Basketball Clinic

Guerin, Gym

8th Grade Science Study Skills & Homework Help

White , Room 438

Boys Basketball

Peterson, Gym


Room 125

Chess Club

McDonnell, Room 221A

Coding Club

Desilus, PA

Costume & Fashion Club

Roberts, Room C29

Dance Club

E. Khromchenko, Room 125

ELA Strengthening The Core

Mendoza, Room 230

Zuckerberg, Room 217

Angelo, Room 228

Red/Grimly, Room 235

Gwardyak, Room 427

ENL Program

Barolli, Room 334

Flag Football

Froncillo, Gym/Yard

French Help

Livi, Room 439

Girls Basketball Club

DiGiglio, Gym

Glee Club

A. Khromchenko, Room 431

Homework Helper

Mendoza, Room 237


Madonia/Rousseau, Room 202

International Student Council

Gennaoui/Kitsakos/Biondo, Room 223

Knitting Club

Manduchi, Room 430

Leadership Club

Smith/Cooper, Room 123

Marching Band

Vargas/Skidelsky, Room C30

Math ENL Program

Fonseca, Room 337

Math Strengthening The Core

Biondo, Room 223

DeCarlo, Room 111

Smith, Room 105

Gentile, Room 107

Barbera, Room 409

Sidoti, Room 417

Kagan, Room 402

Morning Exercise Program

Froncillo, Room 125

MS Girls Basketball:

Benitez, 4th Fl. Gym

Palette Night

Livi, Room439

Parent Technology

Desilus, PA

Poetry In The Park

Amato, Room 327

Saturday STEAM Academy with ELA, ENL, PE, and STEAM

Lombardo, Room 130

Froncillo, Gym 3rd Floor

Karas, Room 229

Solano, Room 325

Barolli, Room 334

Scenic Arts

Meadows, Room 439

Spanish Tutorial

Ng-Leung, Room 234

Starfish Club

Biondo/Edelman, Room 223

STEAM First Lego League: BLAST OFF

Lombardo, Room 130

Rohman, Room 138

Hernandez, Room 140

STEAM: Response To Emergency (8th Grade Only)

Lombardo, Room 130

STEM Advanced

Georgalas, Room 213

STEM Beginners

Georgalas, Room 213

Virtual Enterprise Junior Ventures- 7th/8th Grade

Gillen, Room 329

Virtual Enterprises Prep: 6th Grade

Buccellato, Room 338

Abramsohn, Room 336


Coughlin, Gym

Debate Team: 8th Grade Only

Fischer, Room 403

ENL Immigrant Program

Barolli/Byrnes, Room 428

Newspaper Club

Solano & Skidelsky, Room 325


Falco/Silverman, Room 315