Vitra Vision Shines at the International Virtual Enterprise Trade Show

Post date: Apr 7, 2017 2:58:51 PM

For the past 8 months, the 8th grade Virtual Enterprise class has been busy creating and running their own customizable eyeglass company, Vitra Vision. On April 5, they were able to showcase all of their hard work at the VE International Trade Show in NYC. They set up a booth with their business plan, sample products, brochures, catalogs, business cards, and promotional items and spent the day promoting and selling their products to more than 3,000 students, educators, business leaders, and industry professionals.By the end of the trade show they totaled over $500,000 in sales, which will be credited to them in the Virtual Enterprise Banking System.

To make the day even better, McKinley's Vitra Vision was one of only 20 schools awarded a medal for best overall booth – and the only Junior High on the list!

Congratulations to Vitra Vision (class 806) for all of your hard work!