Chalk Art Success!

Post date: May 19, 2017 5:09:46 PM

On Tuesday, May 16th, McKinle

y art students showed off their skills by creating life size drawings in the school yard. Congratulations to Ms. Livi for all of her hard work and dedication to preparing students for this competition and all of the participants, especially the following winners: Number 1: “The Joker and Batman”

Nyama Amat 806 and Katherine Abalonski 811

Number 2: “The Wolf”

Kevin Wong, Howa Chu and Anwar Alnuairi 812

Number 3: “Colorful Rain”

Simona Garcia, Charlene Chui and Vinny Jiang of 706

Best Cartoon: “The Cheshire Cat”

Genevieve Heffron and Citlali Coyoltecatil 707

Best Animal: “Bird to Flower”

Yanxia Weng and Emily Chen 712

Best Portrait: “Repunzel”

Amnah Shaaban, Briella Scuteri, Rawda Ahmed of 707 Karla Meza 714

Most Original: “3/D rainbow tunnel”

Alice Lian, Xiurong Chen, Jialing Lin 816