Before/After School Activities

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these activities, 
please see the teacher in charge of the specific activity
or Mr. DeBenedetto, AP Room 320.     
Virtual Enterprises Junior Ventures, with Ms. Gillen in room 329: (FOR VEJV CLASSES)

A special after-school program designed for Virtual Enterprise Junior Ventures (VEJV) students.  This program will focus on video production, website design and graphic arts in order to prepare for multiple competitions and the final trade show.

Cultural Connections Program, with Mr. Karas in room 229:

 This program has been designed to help improve your child’s visual and drawing skills; students will be taking part in interpreting various types of famous artwork, painting on canvas, and learning handmade bookbinding techniques. Students will use canvas boards, watercolor paper and newsprint in this program.

Midori & Friends Saturday Program, with resident artists in 431, C-29, C-31:

We are very excited that JHS 259 will host a Midori & Friends music program for the first year through the generous support of Council Member Gentile. The program offers selected students the opportunity to continue their violin, vocal, and woodwind studies with an experienced Midori & Friends Teaching Artist. If your child is selected for this program, we ask that you and your child recognize the commitment involved in learning music. In addition to the creative opportunities the lessons will provide, the program will help him/her to develop skills and personal qualities that will assist in other areas of learning, such as self-discipline, critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, cooperative and collaborative skills, and perseverance.  Once students are selected and enrolled, both parents and students will be required to sign contracts in recognition of the commitment required for this program.

Band, with Ms. Vargas in C-31:

Students will have a chance to prepare advanced music for the upcoming open houses, winter and spring concerts, parades, as well as many other school events and functions.  Please be reminded this course is a privilege, not a requirement.  

Orchestra, with Ms. Exarhoulias in room C-29:

Students will have a chance to prepare advanced music for the upcoming open houses, winter and spring concerts, as well as many other school events and functions.  Please be reminded this course is a privilege, not a requirement.

High School Portfolio Club, with Ms. Livi in room 439:

Schedule: The High-School Portfolio Club meets in September and October one day a week.  Auditions: I lead practice auditions based on LaGuardia's standards. I teach students the fundamentals of figure drawing and drawing with oil pastels. I time students as they figure draw and use oil pastels in response to a prompt with LaGuardia’s allotted time. I lead critiques where students compare and evaluate each other’s work.  Portfolios: I evaluate their portfolios, suggest the order of their artwork and give them a list of possible enhancements to existing artwork. I explain how they need to label their work based on the requirements of most Art High Schools. Students rarely have a portfolio that fulfills the demands of specialized Art High School programs, therefore, I often give students materials and guidance for new artwork they can create at home on a deadline. Essay: I read, review and edit student essays for the High School applications (during the week, not during actual club time). Misc: Some students do not know where they want to apply so I often conference with them to go over the catalogue and help them find the right fit. I strongly encourage students to apply to safety schools as LaGuardia is incredibly selective (during the week, not during actual club time).

The Palette Night Program, with Ms. Livi in room 439:

Schedule: Palette Night meets 4 times a year on PTA event nights and 2 times in the Spring for a longer term student centered project. Training: Students learn how to help event participants by creating their own work sample and familiarizing themselves with the materials and colors needed. Mentoring: Current students are mentored by graduates that come back to help during PTA events. Current students learn about various Art High-School programs and how they are run as well as what goes into college portfolio prep. Student centered project: At the end of the year, after learning how to lead and help event participants, students have the ability to create an acrylic painting of their choice. They are responsible for doing research on a painting they want to copy or create preliminary sketches on an original painting they want to create. Graduates and I guide them through the process to enable them to excel and grow as artists. Empowerment: The goal of this club is to activate their leadership skills, enhance self-confidence, create a network between current students and graduates and lead students towards independently generated artwork.

STEM Program, with Ms. Georgalas in room 213:

his program introduces STEM components that will be investigated in an after school environment. If your child is interested, classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:55 – 4:25.

  Girl’s Basketball: Ms. Benitez in Gyms

The Girls’ Basketball Team is participating in the NYC Middle School Basketball League for the first time in McKinley history! We practice twice a week after school to prepare for our 10 game season. While working on the fundamentals of basketball, we will build life long friendships and learn how to handle difficult situations both on and off the court.

  Boy’s Basketball: Mr Peterson in Gyms

The boys’ basketball team gives McKinley boys an opportunity to compete against other schools, while teaching them dedication to the school and to their teammates. They learn a lot about the game of basketball and have showed much improvement the last 2 years from the beginning of the season until the end of the season. This team also comes with strict academic and conduct policies which force the players to focus on their studies and behave in and out of school.

Starfish Club: Ms. Biondo & Ms. Gennaoui

The Starfish Anti-bullying Club is an after-school club that meets every Tuesday from 3-4pm for 7th and 8th grade students. The 6th grade students will meet during school hours in place of G.D. Students will learn about bullying/cyberbullying, how to promote kindness, and how to be an UPSTANDER. Students will help spread awareness about this topic through school events and activities.

International Student Council: Ms. Biondo, Ms. Gennaoui & Ms. Kitsakos

The International Student Council is an after school club that will meet EVERY OTHER Thursday from 3-4pm. This council allows students to discuss ways to spread awareness about different cultures and religions. Students will find ways to celebrate unique qualities as well as similarities across cultures by creating multicultural events throughout the school build 

Duolingo, with Ms. Victoria in room 107:

This program provides exposure and instruction in Spanish, French, and Italian using technology.

Soccer Club, with Ms. Coughlin in 3rd floor gym:

Students in all three grades are welcome to play soccer.  Teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition are all a part of our soccer club here at McKinley.

Creative Arts Team, with Marissa (resident artist) in room 211:

In this program, students use performing arts/drama while incorporating literacy skills in making their own plays/skits.

The Scenic Arts Club, with Ms. Livi in room 439:

Schedule: This club runs December through February (2/3 a week and 1 a week in May). Training: Students learn how to create stage sets from sketching to building. Students learn how to use tools such as glue/staple guns, sanding devices… Senior members have ownership over a particular flat or backdrop from conception to completion. This is a very messy club so students should wear clothes they can get dirty in (especially their socks)! Mentoring: Current students are mentored by graduates that come back to help. (More complicated to achieve due to the time of day but graduates are able to participate from time to time). The Chalk Art Competition: In May, the participants in the competition meet to practice in the yard and learn where and how they must create their artwork on the day of the competition

Math Remedial Program (multiple teachers):

This program provides support and practice of math concepts and strategies utilized in the classroom. We are confident that this program will help your child be more successful.

English Language Arts (multiple teachers):

This program provides support and practice of ELA strategies utilized in the classroom. We are confident that this program will help your child be more successful.

STEM Initiatives with Mr. Lombardo:
The First Lego League
Students are given the opportunity to research, create, and refine robotic structures that are used to help interactions between humans and animals. This program will focus on the Engineering Design Process as a means to give students the opportunity to create robotics that solve real-world issues. It will be held on Monday's Tuesday's and Wednesday's.

Homework Helper, with Ms. Galletta in room 427:

Homework helper is used to offer students the support they may need to get their everyday homework completed. Even though it only meets a few times a week, strategies to support good homework skills are taught so that students can become more independent. 

Mighty Milers, with Ms. Khromchenko in room 431/school yard:

Students in all three grades are offered this great opportunity to be a part of McKinley’s running club. This program helps students improve their endurance, stamina, and fitness as they run in the schoolyard, or in one of the gyms two times a week.

Chess Club, with Mr. McDonnell in room 221A:

The McKinley Chess Club is an educational and fun way for students to meet and interact with like-minded students from other classes and grades through the lens of competitive chess. Chess is an excellent tool that teaches students to be analytical thinkers, motivated learners, critical problem solvers, as well as the importance of good sportsmanship. The Chess Club instills essential skills that are useful inside and outside of the classroom. The McKinley Chess club meets twice per week and competes in Chess-In-Schools tournaments around Brooklyn and the NYC area. 

Cooking Club, with Ms. Cooper in room 438:

Every fall applications are made available for our Culinary Arts Club also known as Cooking Club. Cooking Club is open to maximum 30 students from all grades with preference being given to 7th & 8th grade students who participated in previous years. Through a different featured produce item every week participants learn a variety of cooking techniques as well as reinforce major subject areas such as Math and Science. Through this hands-on environment students are able to refine their palate by discovering new ways to prepare ingredients they otherwise may not have tasted and also learning a skill that can carry them forward through life and prepare them for Career Readiness.

Leadership Club, with Ms. Cooper in room 223:

Our school strives to constantly make a difference in the community around us by hosting various philanthropic and fundraising efforts throughout the year sponsored by our Leadership Club. Our Leadership Club meets weekly on Tuesdays from 3-430 PM to help shape our young people into leaders who make a difference in and around our community. In the past we have sponsored our annual food drive, fundraised for the Movember Organization, partnered with the I Love Me Campaign to co-host our annual Toy Drive, raised money for the American Heart Association, The Leukemia Lymphoma Association, chaperoned the Senior Citizen Proms sponsored by Councilman Vincent Gentile, led our school’s recycling efforts, and this year trained students to be a part of our AAA Safety Squad. Leadership Club members will be required to represent William McKinley at several events in and around the community, conduct community service activities, as well as attend the weekly meetings.

Cheerleading Club, with Ms. Cooper:

Every fall we host tryouts for incoming students interested in participating in the McKinley Cheer and Pep Squad. McKinley Cheerleaders are the Ambassadors of McKinley greeting distinguished guests who come to the building, attending in house sporting events, and representing McKinley in community events such as the Raggamuffin Parade. In the late spring, we hold a second try out to fill the spots of graduating 8th grade members.